Farewell for Now

It's with a heavy heart that I've decided to stop participating here at BookLikes. I really liked this site when I first joined. This site was the first site to combine a blog with a virtual bookshelf and it inspired me to start book blogging my reviews and other book related things. Unfortunately over the past several months BookLikes has made multiple changes to this site that has made it harder for me to use. I've stuck it out because as I said it is unique amongst book sites with it's blogging feature. However a recent change was the straw that broke the camel's back.


BookLikes recently changed tags so that special characters could no longer be used. I assume this wasn't a big deal to most people since there weren't too many people other than me that complained about it, but for me this is a big deal breaker. It doesn't matter to me so much on other sites like GoodReads or LeafMarks if I can't have shelves/tags with special characters, but a blog is much more personal. I put a lot of work into customizing my blog on here exactly how I want it, and if I can't have it look exactly how I want it anymore including formatting my tags how I want them, then it's not worth me sticking around anymore. Fortunately I've already made a mirror blog on Blogspot, so I don't have to worry about copying all of my blog entries elsewhere.


I don't plan to close my account here, and I will keep an eye on things to see if they improve, but I don't plan to update my shelves/blog or participate in any group discussions anymore.


For those that are still interested in following me I can be found at the following sites under the name kythe42: