Review of Gaspar And The Fantastical Hats by David A. Lindsay

Gaspar And The Fantastical Hats (Gaspar the Thief, #0.5) - David A. Lindsay

Gaspar and the Fantastical Hats by David A. Lindsay is a short story prequel to Gaspar the Thief. I enjoyed the book for the most part. It was quite amusing in the typical British humor sort of way and the setting reminded me a lot of Terry Pratchett's Discworld(perhaps a little too much).

There were just a couple of things that irked me a bit. One was the lack of any chapters(the one thing that bugs me about most of Terry Pratchett's books). I suppose a short story that's only around 100 pages might not need chapters, but I prefer them as it provides a good stopping place. Then again I'm often forced to stop reading before I hit the end of a chapter anyway, especially if the chapters are long. The book did have separating symbols to indicate scene changes though, so that helped to make up for the lack of chapters.

The other thing that bugged me was the use of a D&D term without explaining what it meant(this was done in Gaspar the Thief as well). After googling it, the term did make sense in context, but I feel like the author shouldn't have expected people to know what it meant when it wasn't a book set in a D&D universe(as far as I know).

Overall it was a fun read and I liked it enough to try Gaspar the Thief afterward.