Literally track your reading progress.

I was invited to join a new book site in beta testing called Literally. This site is a bit different from most of the book sites I've joined in that the main focus seems to be on tracking your reading progress on a day to day basis rather than cataloging your books, though it has some features to do that as well. It also has fun achievements/badges that you earn by doing random things on the site. There are also plans to add a lot of social features as well. They are also in the process of developing mobile apps as well for the site.


The site is still in beta so certain things are rather buggy or just don't work as efficiently as you'd want them to, but the developers are very responsive to feedback and I found that most of the problems I brought up they were already working on fixing. Some of the big problems that the site currently has is the inability to edit/delete progress updates, not being able to properly set the date that you finished reading a book(it just inserts the current date) and you can't set the date at all for past read books, and not necessarily being able to find the book edition/cover you want in the database. I'm sure that the developers will address these issues as soon as they can and I am definitely going to keep an eye on this site to see how it progresses.


So if you like the idea of seeing detailed statistics showing how much you read on a daily basis then you should definitely keep this site in mind. I have three invite codes to give out if anyone would like to brave the tough beta waters. I will give them out to the first three people that PM me requesting them. Don't worry though, you can still join if I run out of codes. You'll just have to request one from the site directly. Be patient though as it took me a couple of days to receive mine.