Review of Space Sushi by L. R. Currell

Space Sushi - L.R. Currell

Space Sushi by L. R. Currell is a short science fiction story set in around a hundred years in the future. The main character is a food critic who has been assigned to review an alien delicacy that has the potential to be deadly if not prepared properly much like the Japanese dish fugu. Despite the fact that he is good friends with the chef and trusts him to prepare the dish safely, he is still quite nervous about trying it. Will this exotic delicious meal be his last, or will he live to tell the tale?


The story was ok, but it didn't really draw me in that much until the end. I'm not saying it was a bad story, but I think perhaps it just wasn't my cup of tea. I do think it was very well written except for some scattered typos and grammar errors, but nothing that made the piece unreadable. I found the end of the story to be very predictable, but I enjoyed the drama of it. Overall I rated this story three stars.