An Easy Way To Remove Hover Popups on BookLikes

Since BookLikes seems to have no intention of removing the hover popups from the entire site and I find some parts of the site almost unusable with them(particularly when viewing other people's shelves), I decided to try to figure out a way to remove them myself.


I know that I could probably accomplish this with Greasemonkey, but I'm not much good at scripting and it was just too complicated for me. Then I found out that the Adblock Plus addon for Firefox has a companion addon called Element Hiding Helper which will easily remove any elements from a webpage that you wish to hide. Note, you must have Adblock Plus installed before installing this add on. Once it's installed you click on "Select an element to hide" from the AdBlock Plus menu and you can then select the parts of the webpage you want to hide.


You can also manually add filters to hide elements of webpages. To make it easier for you, I've identified three elements to hide that I think should eliminate all remaining hover popups from BookLikes. (removes the hover popups from the main site) (removes the hover popups from people's blogs) (removes the hover popup loading animation)


If you still experience hover popups on any part of the site, please let me know and I'll look into it and identify the additional filters needed to remove them.


After the hover popups are removed, clicking on book covers will open up the book page in a new browser tab. This is less than ideal, but I would still prefer this to the hover popups. I only wish there was a way to restore the old hover tool tips that simply displayed the book title and author.


Please feel free to reblog this post and share it with anyone you know that hates the hover popups.